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A Short History of MUBSS

In 1992, a small group of about six Malaysian first-year students studying at the University of Melbourne started what is now known as the Melbourne University Buddhist Studies Society (MUBSS).

In 2004, due to unforeseen circumstances the club was in hard times, then in 2006 two students rejuvenated the society and reaffiliated the club with the University of Melbourne’s Student Union (UMSU). The club strives to integrate Buddhist Philosophy into the University’s highly academic fabric and provide an unbiased taste of Buddhism to help you in your journey.

Melbourne University Buddhist Studies Society (MUBSS) is a non-sectarian club, which does not align with any specific flavour of Buddhism. We have speakers from all denominations of Buddhism, giving valuable insights and teachings to help you cope with modern day living and develop your spirituality. One of our highlights for 2012 include the renowned Ajahn Brahm who addressed his talk to the younger end of the spectrum, providing practical insights into the trials and tribulations associated with living in this day and age and how one can be a Buddhist in the 21st Century.

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